The Woolmer Way

Bob Woolmer transformed cricket with his views on coaching.  The success they bought included making my own following of Warwickshire so much more enjoyable as we dominated the early 90s English scene, before he moved on to S Africa and then, tragically, Pakistan.  I myself came into contact with him when using the same golf course as the Proteas (deliciously called The Warwickshire) one day when they toured England, and was impressed at how he was clearly seen by the squad as their leader when banter flew about whilst some players found their lack of personal skill ‘frustrating’.

In Cape Town I chanced upon an obituary from his dear friend, a Professor at the local Uni called Tim Noakes.  Bob had introduced himself to him with a promise, “you teach me science and I’ll teach you cricket”.

The stance he promoted, was it seems not one of ‘how’, as in ‘how do we do this?’  Instead he altered that to ‘why’.  As in “why is this the way it is”.  And on this subtle yet vital slant alone, he changed coaching and cricket forever.  Another great angle to introduce when solution selling to those that come across as reticent to change.

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