3 Pointers on Partnership Pitches

Having founded and developed start-ups myself, I’m always interested in people that create commercial ventures that aim to make money outside of greasing corporate wheels.  As such one of my past-times involves understanding the current new media opportunities.  A blog I consider terrific in this sphere relates to ‘music 2.0’ business models.  It’s penned by Kiwi (but don’t hold that against him as he currently lives in Brummagem) Andrew Dubber.

A recent evolution in this space, involves one of the major record labels (there are 4) initiating a new style of ‘partnership’ with artists.  The idea is for said artist to earn a Dutch ‘investment’ of €20k.  The artist shares revenue 50/50 including on items previously beyond the collection of the label in return for the label not shafting them in the traditional manner whilst opening up their little black books upon request.  Hopefully such an ‘extended deal’ around this new partnership paradigm allows everyone to make a decent living. 

I was delighted to find Andrew Dubber’s tips on pitching for the cash on a ‘vodcast’.  I trust he won’t mind me passing on his thoughts, as they are hugely relevant to any of us B2B solution reps that are trying to get across something new:

Clarity – succintly explain who you are, where you’re at, think of what your audience wants from you, where you are trying to get to & the single steps you can take to make this journey happen

Think Big – don’t play down what you’re trying to do, nor think modestly, better to dream large and be ambitious

Surprise Them – be creative and get across something that is new, unique, different, unusual, what can you show that is original and desirable?

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