Crop Circle Slides

Tis Summer up North.

I note one of the chief chroniclers of crop circles recently passed.

These (man-made) marvels have fascinated since first appearing back in the 1970s.

Another wonderful confection of English eccentricity added to the graphic canon.

Chief cataloguers appear to be people like Michael Glickman, Colin Andrews, Lucy Pringle and Steve & Karen Alexander.

We can thank them for comprehensive logging of the myriad shapes seen from above adorning mainly wheat fields.

Any random web search reveals many which happily can be readily adapted to a slide visual.

As their very name suggests, circles dominate. Yet all manner spirals and triangles and even squares all feature.

Lending themselves well to distinctive cycle, process or system imagery, the half-dozen sample above also include concept structures, and even potential political mapping (middle, lower row).

There’s plenty of flourishes to be added too. From smaller circles and dots, to an element like the ‘wind feather’ to highlight or add an external reference.

(nb: illustration in the palette of, at last, a newly launched UK speech radio brand to challenge the biased/toxic – choose your label – monopolistic tax funded bbc)

…and don’t forget, (as it would surely be most remiss of me to omit) many more ideas along similar lines can be found in my book, 101 Diagrams That Sell.

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