Don't Drop A Dolly

What seller doesn’t love a site tour…

Know how to use a warehouse trolley?

You’d think it’d be pretty self-explanatory, wouldn’t you.

Someone with a career in procurement systems visited a bulging, busy food warehouse during lockdown.

Although hopeful of insight to greater efficiencies, management apparently didn’t really anticipate a raft of new systems improvements.

Yet as they walked down their first aisle together, they swerved around an oncoming trolley. Not unlike the one above.

The longtime specialist stopped. Turned around as the trolley passed. Watching the person with it continue on.

Management seemed frustrated. Why the hold up?

The trolley operator constantly looked behind them. Adjusting as they progressed. Then faced a step. What a palaver.

The whole episode fraught and ungainly. An accident waiting to happen, and tricky too.

The external consultant asked what they thought of what they saw.

Shoulders shrugged.

Normal, so what?

They were taken to a spare trolley nearby.

They were actually designed to be not pulled, but pushed.

As then demonstrated.

The improvement dawned instantly.

Safer and faster.

Then would you believe it. What about the troublesome step?

These particular trollies were specifically designed to be pushed up such little steps.

One handle button and you’re in motion.

The incumbent team beside themselves.

The visitor proving their worth.

Any question or suggestion, let alone request for work, guaranteed to be readily accepted.

Such a little piece of everyday knowledge. Yet fiendishly effective when unleashed.

Many an industry has similar.

Do you know such for your target sector?

And how are you putting it into play?

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