F + N +2S = I

This is the formula from the book Inspiratorium by Anthony Tasgal;

1 part Failure + 1 part Naivety + 2 parts Surprise = Insight

A big fan of formulae to get a Sales idea across. I also like use here of adding weighting to one of your ingredients.

The thrust of the author here is to knowingly mix elements of playful meandering, liberation from convention and double emotion from ‘external serendipitous influences’. Shake together and you’ll gain ‘insightment‘.

Regardless of this, combining certain items, in varying proportions or relationships, will give rise to your buyer’s ultimate success.

What might these components be?

How many people in a department or team? Which process or system might be split in some way? What external help or product might be applied on top?

And what attractive word or number can represent the eventual outcome you uniquely enable?

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