Try 404 Remixes

As a non-twit, I rarely delve into the dystopia that is twitter. But every now and then, some cultural moment drags you in. To watch the ensuing train-smash de jour.

On one such diversion, one link clicked led to the above. Something went wrong. How apt.

I’ve blogged before on how these ‘broken’ treatments can be adapted for our presentation purpose.

They’re generally known as 404s. Named after the html page that first got returned when your intended landing instead found a ‘page not found’.

Designers have over the years got creative with these.

For instance, in the past I’ve noted Google approaches. From robots, dinosaurs and twelve months when ago I instagrammed what a gmail error then returned.

How designers and programmers tackle such pages can be a real eye-opener. Including culturally and when recruiting.

So I naturally got to thinking… Why not adapt one for a sales slide?

These can work in front of prospects.

But my example here below is the remixed twitter-crash, perhaps adapted for an internal sales meet message kickstart;

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