Cross-Dressing Destruction

Had a cheeky drink the other night with a few boys from one of the world’s largest solution sell organisations (IBM no less), and heard an outrageous story about how one of their number once achieved promotion, a decade or so earlier at a previous, also large, firm.  The story ran like this…..

At age 28, one fella was up for promotion against a 40-yr old bloke.  The younger guy thought he couldn’t compete on experience, although he was apparently pleased with his healthy track record.  So he decided to fight on turf he knew much better.  On the ‘opponents’ ground, he was even-steven, but on a patch he created, he felt he’d have a better chance.  What was this territory?  Well, he went around telling anyone that’d listen, normally in the pub, around the water cooler, somewhere similar, that the other chap was a cross-dresser.  A clear slander, eventually one of the big bosses called him in, demanding an explanation.  He said simply it was typical, idle, jokey, sales banter and meant nothing.  The result?  Incredibly, he reckons the other guy was discredited to such an extent, it helped win the youngster the job.

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