Crushing Apple Fail

On the face of it, there is indeed the industrial hammer blow about Apple and their latest (in-house produced) iPad iteration launch advert.

As so many point out, the clip as shown up top is the 'destruction of the human experience'. 'That way dystopia lies'.

Worse still, the antithesis of their famed game-changing, disrupt-urging, new dawn escape 1984 ad. Now becoming that which they railed against so much forty years ago.

Oh yeah. It's thinner. One day, such tablets will be almost paper-sheet thin. But how much is it really worthwhile shaving one down to, before that no-expense-spared old law of diminishing returns no longer excites a typical, satisfied consumer?

One promo point, is to marvel at how much can be crammed into your little magic machine.

As some dismiss, imperceptible mods, barely different if at all from previous releases. Withering putdowns also include, 'still no bottle opener'.

To emphasise the humanity, many promote the reversed ad. Springing all that Apple destroy back to life. As shown in the 'reply' above.

You might think such global behemoth and their marketing team would love this. Given the adage 'all publicity is good publicity'. Their name proudly trending worldwide. Yet in this case, that's doubtful.

Indeed, their Marcomms VP was fairly swift to try and stem the bleeding; "we missed the mark ... and we’re sorry". Ad duly withdrawn from tv.

Luckily for us, there is solution sell glory to take from this over the next couple o' weeks. Maybe useful longer too. During the whole initial (eventual) shipping span. Which although trailed as from 15 May, is reported to be slipping back towards mid- to late-June.

What is it that your new configuration combines?

In a way that frees up the creativity, diary and previous binds of your prospects?

Where the human touch can focus on what's really important. Beyond the unemotional, uncompromising, often illogical ones-and-zeroes, any shackles of over zealous tech tethering, and barriers of 'computer-says-no'.

There's likely a winning conversation to be had where you and your prospect can riff on how you are - and they'd like to be - sharper, thinner, lighter, faster, brighter, longer, deeper, broader, snazzier. Each in a way that leaves their drags, obstacles, and competition well and truly crushed.

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