Prospect Jigsaw Identification

Seen the tv series phenomenon that is Baby Reindeer? Everyone I know says it's a must-see. Though they both say Episode Four is 'tricky'.

I note in its spread, internet sleuths were busy deducing the stalker's name, in real life. Merrily posting who they were convinced to be 'perp'. A lady who then outed herself through a live streamed interview with Piers Morgan. Himself stating it'd take any journalist just ten minutes to discover her identity through cross-referencing social media posts.

They way the viewers get to their doxing of the alleged protagonist is, apparently, through 'jigsaw identification'.

I've looked this up. And still not a hundred percent sure on how it runs.

It sounds like you've a scale. At one end, there's the complete anonymity. The other, the directly revealed.

In between, there's scope for jigsaw identification.

Someone can, perhaps, piece together lots of different morsels of information, put them 'together' in some way, and hey presto, you can pluck out a name.

It is a construct recognised in legal circles. Not just to help uncover shrouded criminal identity, but also to protect those vulnerable involved in a case and victims by consciously preventing their identity from being solved as a puzzle from fragments left if not in plain sight, then able to be gleaned.

We can likely think about elements of this when deciphering what's going on within the murk of prospect corridors, conversations and channels.

How might we know who's on our side, or not, or yet to face either way?

How would we know who are even our prospects in the first place?

Think about all those meetings, manoeuvres and decisions being made within every day.

To single out but the first frame there, how many meetings occurred in the past week? Which ones touched upon the issue you affect? Who called it? who spoke out? How did they lean? Where any minds change? Or opinion harden?

Inside each prospect in the Enterprise, 'complex sale' environment there's a jigsaw to put together. How many pieces have you got, and how are they connected up?

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