Curate Your Workspace Into A Sales Machine Like A Meezer

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You can probably guess this pic above is not quite how it should be done. It was of a London sales office way back in 1999. A buzzing little hive.

I’ve read about a movement lately concerned that home workers ought create a specialised space that genuinely supports the output required. As opposed to fitting around stored clothes, household appliances and general bric-a-brac.

Start as you mean to go on, they implore. Let your surrounds reflect your ambition. Construct a room in the image of what you’d like to blossom into. It’s your culture, your future. Whilst you possibly cannot quite start out in the fashion of an original dotcommer, you don’t need a mini-fridge, bar football set and countless beanbags to provide allusions of potential greatness.

I’ve similarly recently been acquainted with a movement known as mise en place. It evidently means to ‘put in place’. Unusually for me, I like the apparent Americanism for this practise; meez.

It’s represents how your workstation needs to have everything at hand to propel your success. Best too that you spend a few minutes at the start of each day to duly arrange it so. Physically and mentally.

Now stay with me a moment here. For I am not one of the office police. I do not necessarily equate tidy desk with tidy mind. Nor do I state you must adhere to the corporate ‘clear desk’ policy that enforces an empty worktop before you end your day.

Thankfully I feel the meezers aren’t going down such routes.

Rather, it is about having all the vital tools and thoughts at your fingertips. All in view.

I often bang on about how poorly, how totally inadequately, most sales cubicle walls are adorned.

Your environs must inspire and encourage everything from sales idea lab to closing factory.

Make it insightful. Make it colourful. Make it wonderful.

Forget admin nonsense. Liberally spray imagery about your process. The problem you resolve. How you enter accounts. How you progress them. Tangible impact unleashed.

Have a whiteboard scribble space.

My above office shot is framed upon the window-walled side.

Although it still managed to house the scoreboard and a latest exhibition ad. You can just make out part of a flipchart sheet to the left. That was one of many essential pitch scribbles that any winner salesperson needs at their disposal to draw and explain a concept in pictures with a marker pen.

And you should have wall real estate devoted to housing the same for your arena.

You could almost say that if your work area looks like all the others, then it isn’t helping you.

If you took a pic of it and showed it your hottest prospect, would it excite them? What does the station of their top rep look like? Is there kinship?

Make your optimum workspace happen and become a killer meezer seller.

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