Have Loads On The Go Like Joan Rivers

I only knew her through the awesomeness that often was Fashion Police. I’m happy to be a Joan Ranger. After her death at 81 this week, I heard a clip the workaholic comic confided during a documentary following her around just a couple of years ago.

She revealed her diary. Full full full. A bad day was a space waiting to be filled. A good day was littered with back-to-back appointments. No mean feat for a septuagenarian.

She pulled out a folder and ran through a project she had on the go. Then a another folder. And another. Book, talk show, reality show and so on.

There were ten projects live at that time.

The interviewer commented that she is the famous Joan Rivers. Surely she need only pursue one at a time?

You gotta be kidding, snapped back our Joan.

She needed several to guarantee a winner. Before she made it, she chirped that she had to work on a hundred things just to get that critical ‘one’ going.

And so I was instantly reminded of the old sales adage.

you can never have too much on the go

Yes, I realise that to dilute your efforts can mean everything slips.

But in the main, the chilling fact remains, hardly any a seller genuinely has enough in their pipeline. And just about everybody could do with more in their funnel. Just like Joan.

Then we’d come to the quality of that potential business. A whole new conversation awaits…

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