Current Slide Background Colour Trio To Trend

If Nasa can land a rover on Mars with many mission team members working from home, then where does that leave the excuse, ‘you can’t sell over zoom’?

PerseverancePercy to its social media friends – sent back incredible images of the Martian surface.

The shade above being one from the landing video producing a popular single-creator screenshot.

If you’ve a selling slide to make about a breakthrough, journey or simply trying to do something a little tricky, then this purple-ish tone could well make a decent and memorable backdrop for you and your text.

Another idea comes from the latest Pantone Colour of the Year.

This yellow shade above. Which they call ‘Illuminating’. They actually use a second colour alongside for 2021; ‘Ultimate Grey’. Happily giving us a text tone too.

Useful for setting out of plans. And generally anything you need to shine a light on.

Then there’s the recommended ‘green screen’ shade.

Known as Chroma Key Green.

Which if you have a sheet of cloth in this colour, will be perfect for any virtual issue you wish to focus on.

Also strikingly similar to a snooker table’s baize and its apparent deliberate mimic of grass.

Again, a fitting backdrop for your words where a virtual linkage may apply.

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