The Flavour Equation

How about taking the bones (sorry) of this latest cook book phenomenon;

+                      Taste


Nik Sharma’s book of this blog title seeks to uncover the mystery behind ‘flavour’.

What you’ll no doubt notice, is that he lists six elements.

Of these, only half relate to qualities which you may say come from the food item itself.

The latter three in his above sum.

The first trio, well, how often must they go overlooked? Yet are placed upfront in the ranking.

There must be a banquet-sized chance to map selling ingredients onto this.

What are those aspects of your bid traditionally to the fore on the buying surface?

Cost? Function? Features? Spec?

How about a touch underneath…

Solution? Service? Delivery?

Now go deeper.

Gaining a promotion? Mitigation? Assurance?

Whether for an internal forum when your salesteam gets together, or alongside a prospect you know to be a foodie, by simply showing Sharma’s original on a slide, or written by hand on a whiteboard, you can seek equivalents in their eyes on a particular bid.

Then get any conversational and deal-sealing juices flowing your way.

What goes into their mix for a successful, intense, rich, outcome?

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