I Care A Lot Wall

2020 guardianship-scam-cum-gangster-battle film I Care A Lot was an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours, ‘n chill.

Above is a promo shot of the chief protagonist in her office.

It is swanky. It has one prominent wall. And on it, reside the mugshots of her revenue stream.

Or as her lawyer foe Dean called them, her “cash cows”.

Later in the movie we see Marla in a new office. Much larger. With a photo wall to match. Ever-expanding.

Still. I always like to see this kind of treatment.

From Hollywood to your Salesroom piece of vertical real estate.

You don’t need the skills of an experienced set designer. Nor ape the myriad dream-, inspiration- or mood-board stylings. Simply printout or scribble and stick up.

Whether it be reminders of your problem/solution match, testimony to your impacts, or (my personal favourite) your winning, repeatable process made visual.

What’s on your walls?

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