Curved Screen Zoom Rig Envy

A post specifically for sellers who are now zoomers.

The sharing of your home office Zoom setup doesn’t garner quite the attention of the backgrounds that the ‘other side’ sees.

The plethora of bookshelves, plant life and assorted quirky paraphernalia seem to gain way more traction.

Until that is, you happen to wander into geekdom.

I couldn’t resist the pairing above.

When I looked last at the original post – by an American named Ryan who seems to have a freight tech start-up doing well – there were a staggering 230 comments.

Of these, 14 shared their own zoom rig.

Most were monsters. The pros came to town.

A curved screen battle accelerated.

All manner of cable management, online lighting links and mic chat ensued.

Even deserved praise for the Deming book on the desk.

Some home workstation contributors were rewarded with phrases like, “great flex”.

Sometimes to show off a little can be applauded, then.

Before someone – as shown above – went minimal.

Along with the odd tongue-in-cheek putdown. Such as: ‘web cam set up is like a fine Italian suit’ = hoping that the packaging will disguise the content; looks like an OnlyFans setup; Do the words “great” and “web cam” really fit into the same sentence? & the author’s own, ‘The real purpose of this tweet was to spread the Deming gospel’.

And lo, we are brought back down to Earth.

Perhaps comfortingly, there are still areas for development discussed.

Removing camera shake when placing hands on desk. Ensuring windows don’t glare inwards. Reduce mix of artificial and natural light. Tidying up and hiding the ‘spaghetti’ of cables. Impending headphone upgrade. Ringlight addition.

You don’t need to be a tech ‘disruptor’ ceo to have a crack at a decent WFH set-up.

This guy asked a (more techie?) pal on how they’d improve on their setup if doing again from scratch, and built on with two pieces of web advice.

Can you now do the same?

Footnote, as of day of blogging, the only pic with the hashtag on twitter of #zoomrig…;

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