Treemap Fintech Neobanks Play

Is this chart attempt a #fail or #win?

What strikes you when you first see it?

Is the idea to amplify the top spot?

Diminish smaller players?

Deliberately blur certain, similar ones?

How does the colour coding (& grading) affect rankings?

Are any layers revealing?

Do the numbers even stack up?

So many questions.

Meaning perhaps either that the curiosity piqued can be piggybacked, or the confusion caused jettisoned.

When ought you best use such a treatment?

The charting gurus don’t tend to be big fans of treemaps. Stephen Few’s evisceration of David McCandless’ ‘billionpoundogram’ springs to mind. Which “forces us to perform a perceptual task that we can’t do well (that is, area comparisons)”.

As a landscape slide, is it any good?

It’s certainly not a quick process to create one with this many ‘cells’.

Yet if you feel that it could set you apart, will create conversation and uncover a secret path to victory then it has to be worth a go.

The exact circumstance may well be crucial.

The right mixture of data sets, prospect interest and ultimate conclusion will all need to be considered.

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