Cycling Colossi

It’s difficult to use a superlative that does Dave Brailsford justice.

He’s the Team GB cycling head honcho.

Everything he does is brilliant. His every action a masterclass in high performance management.

The latest nugget I learn from him, is that he employs someone with the job title;

Head of Marginal Improvement


Most salesteams big enough for a management layer have some kind of person in a quasi Sales Ops role. A 2 i/c, a pre-sales techie, a delivery guru. Their focus though, is rarely in ‘marginal improvement’.

They also deploy a team known as the “Secret Squirrels”. Headed by 1992 Gold medalist Chris Boardman, their role is to go anywhere looking for innovation that could impact on cycling. Industry, military, it doesn’t matter.

Time for a Sales Dept re-think?

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