Magic Wheels

And more from the remarkable pedallers. With their rivals left so much in the shade that they are practically shackled in a dungeon, rumours fly around about how their dominance comes about.

The latest piece of folklore surrounds “magic wheels”.


What is clear, is that the opposition is well and truly rattled.

Top man Dave Brailsford gave an interview to French sports mag, L’Equipe recently. They asked him how he does it. Sensing a shot at a bit of quality Anglo-French banter, he replied

It’s the wheels. It’s really difficult to get them perfectly round. And we have round wheels.

His interrogator didn’t get the joke. So the headline was all about Team GB’s round wheels. They’re ‘magic’. Team GB win because they ride on round wheels. Genius.

The psychological hold the team has over its competition is incredible. The rest of the world is completely spooked.

I want every sales team I work with to cast the same spell.

It comes from the relentless pursuit of improvement and imagination.

What are you trying to improve right now? What ideas are you coming up with to take things to another level? Where are your “magic wheels”?

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