Overwhelmed. Incredible desire, awesome execution. Some of the quotes from the Gold athletes after their performances are truly inspiring.

Humble, yet focused. Lessons galore for the aspirant quota-buster. Here’s a couple for starters from disciplines that at first glance seems poles apart.

cycling “Queen” Victoria Pendleton;

don’t look for their race, just run your own

Carl Hester to Charlotte Dujardin going for dressage Gold;

some people wish it’ll happen, some think it’ll happen, you’re gonna make it happen

Then there’s the attitude displayed by the two fantastic combat Goldies, Nicola Adams and Jade Jones.

Both had to defeat favourites and world champs on their way to glory.

Both commented on how defeat at earlier tournaments drove them on. They mentioned with steely eyes how they made a stern pledge to themselves that they would not fall to the same person in London.

And then there are examples from the watching crowd.

Team GB t-shirt slogan;

better never stops

Talking head sport psychologist, Tom Bate;

the Gold medal mindset does not see pressure as a problem, but a privilege

Four-time rowing Gold champion, Sir Matthew Pinsent;

control the controllables (don’t worry about the weather, the competition, the course, only what is under your control – your performance)

And a new concept for me, courtesy of commentating Jamie Staff, Beijing Gold medal team sprint cyclist;

master the taper, and so peaking for the big event

The taper is the period of training immediately prior to the competition that ensures you peak for it. I’m struggling to think of any salesteam I know that adopts this winning mentality.

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