Darts Prodigy Nukes Doubt

Maybe it's because people from my neck o' the woods joke my forebears invented all the best sports. Yet throwing the 'arrers is a past-time known pretty much everywhere. And surprisingly, despite the odd Canadian or Dutch interloper, continues to be dominated at elite level by those sharing my birthplace.

This year's world championships though, became of a different level entirely.

For 16yo Luke 'The Nuke' Littler almost ran off with the pot.

One stray Treble 18 perhaps the pivotal moment when glory seemed within grasp.

Yet the teen's triumph transcends.

In the frenzy - I was very much not alone in watching his run to the Final at the incredible, atmosphere fuelled event - and amazement at his mastery, mathematics and mentality, one theme kept recurring.

Everyone in awe at just how much fun the lad was having.

Unfazed, matter-of-fact, just happy to be going out and enjoying himself, doing something he simply loves.

I noted one assessor of such, Matthew Syed, suggest that those that manage to maintain this outlook, succeed the most and last the longest. Citing an array of era-defining stars.

And wondering if some kind of 'sponsorship syndrome' might account for the stunted career trajectory of many a champion, when demands outside their arena of play overwhelmed the pleasure of combat.

Here's the writer's sign-off;

"[Luke] has reminded us of what it means to do something not out of a sense of duty, not for money, not even for glory but for the sheer thrill of the chase. And perhaps we all need a bit more of that spirit in 2024 as we move on to the next chapter of the game called life. As Mae West put it: 'You are never too old to become younger'."

I so concur with this sentiment. All my favourite business accomplishments come from a surround of such 'sheer thrill of the chase'. Selling chiefly driven not because of the outcome or money, but loving the way you get there.

Also never confusing being serious with being solemn.

In recent times, when commissioned to help sellers unlock distinctive video sales calls, and by association, often refine their overall process, I've made a point of mentioning that what we do, while we do it, will be both 'fruitful and fun'.

And all the more likely to be remembered for all the right reasons. Which provide a career-growing platform. Just like with Luke The Nuke. Are you feeling it too?

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