Visual Comms Discourse

It's amazing what you pick up from those happily absorbed enough to reveal their slant on what you do.

This such nugget comes from a Nordic brain. Who regularly regales me with wisdom fresh to my ears from their homeland. (Sample; Henrik Ibsen, 'Losing all was winning's cost! Eternally owned is but what's lost!')

One angle I already realised is that without guidance, people on video calls can often gravitate solely towards either pole on the performance continuum.

The video-as-phone-call, with static 2D thumbnail representative portrait. Or constantly rolling through some tech aspect of the platform or add-on module, usually for the sake of it and at the expense of true engagement.

As ever, there's a much more fertile broader equatorial zone to be explored.

It was summed up to me as mastering through "discourse and visual communication", with how they differ when over video.

I instantly recognised this as a powerful view.

Consider both facets. The fact that such 'discourse' even exists is an opportunity missed by too many a video meeting participant. Likewise, that a language of 'visual communication' is available.

With the first, I often get into the conversation about what sellers do in general to ensure that their transactions with prospects are positively distinctive compared to those experienced with any competition.

With the second, opening up what when video meeting, specifically visually you might do that fosters rapport, gains collaborative engagement, and delivers relevant agreement.

Where are you on these?

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