Dating Pointers For Zoomdrops

New Year New You. Or is it, new year, new significant other?

Dating site provider expertise is luckily pooled by dailymailonline to help those seeking a fresh start to avoid the most common mistakes.

Naturally, I wondered if the profile info and pic traps they highlight could apply to the sales window of our age. Namely, our zoom call backdrops.

So in the spirit of the annual reset, here’s a quick dozen potential sales video call equivalents of dating profile faux pas we can now happily steer well clear of.

Dating Profile Tip Sales Video Call Match
photos shouldn’t be overly filtered this refers to glossy touch-ups, so if it the case that to overly curate your space may be a hazard, then reel yourself in a tad
pics need to be at least within the last two years if the overall look your broadcast emits feels like it belongs in a long gone era, then perhaps an element of update is required
have a mix of full length and close up shots depth in your frame is never a bad thing, especially if on occasion you pick up your camera and move elsewhere
avoid things like sunglasses, as they get fewer likes spectacles without anti-reflective coating can be an enemy of eye-contact, and other distracting personal apparel accessories too
mirror selfies, ‘they’re boring and cringey and you miss out on a great opportunity to use your photos to show off your personality or passions’ maybe the parallel is the ‘hostage video’ look?
stay clear of group shots sharing the camera with anyone else can often be disconcerting to other attendees, as well as dulling your personal impact
avoid being in any pic with someone that could be perceived as an ex check your ‘zoomscape’ for evidence of previous employer paraphernalia
flesh out profile and update every month your background and ‘look’ is never set in stone, keep in mind to switch it up and evolve
avoid anything too personal stay safe on video online, double-check that nothing in-shot gives away intimate or identity details
negativity isn’t attractive, it’s best to focus on what you want instead of what you don’t want. posters, cuttings or memos dissing the competition are not worthy adornments to your surrounding wall real estate
including positive traits and details or photos of your hobbies and interests will make it easier to open conversations a little talking point on display which tempts a question can be most useful
don’t limit yourself to a certain type just as having an accent of colour in a design scheme, don’t limit to one core theme, try put something in, no matter how small, that can give a window into another realm, a conversation starter into a secondary element you unleash if nothing else

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