Dead Cat Manoeuvre

Australian electioneer Lynton Crosby. A man who’s “business” charged £2.4m in fees when consulting the UK right-wing Conservatives to unexpected victory at last May’s General Election.

He has a clear expertise in this area. Much of which has Sales crossover. How’s this for openers;

“At its absolute simplest, a campaign is simply finding out who will decide the outcome … where are they, what matters to them, and how do you reach them?”

You also marvel at his concept of “wedge politics”; ‘finding an issue that can be exploited to split off an opponent’s traditional supporters’.

He’s further responsible for a phrase I blogged on last year. Now I learn of his chucking of a dead cat onto a table.

Specifically in relation to so-called Google Tax annoyance. UK taxpayers aghast at the tech supposed non-evil reaching a sweetheart deal to pay at a scandalous rate of less than 3%.

The dead cat produced was citing Calais Jungle dwellers as a “bunch of migrants”.

The media duly obliged. Pouncing upon this, rather than any potential cosying up to the FANGs. The diversion limiting any economic mismanagement coverage.

This sounds uncannily like barbs often thrown along a complex bid.

I really do not condone negative campaigning in Sales.

I prefer never to breathe the name of any competition.

Respect where it’s due. I’m sure they are a fit for certain clients. It’s just that no-one can be as close a match as me to my prospect right now.

The careful laying of traps though, that is different.

There is a time to unveil. And a particular punch you wish to land.

Have you worked out what they both are?

And remember…the best deceased kitty is likely the one you never actually display.

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