Deal Tomography

‘Twas a long time coming.

This month Heathrow airport orders £50m of kit that means us weary travellers need no more unpack our liquids before boarding.

In reports of the successful short trial, I learned that the T in CT scan on which this technology builds refers to tomography.

Deal screening. Now there’s a concept. Not just related to what’s allowed to enter our funnel either.

I’m reminded of how the Americans conduct airport security. Also, the oft-used phrasing that seeks to ‘x-ray’ a current bid in a detailed account review.

This development means you could well make a forecast tomograph of a single or any number of live deals.

How do you look inside?

Those solution staples of how many people are truly on our side? What they’ve actively done to demonstrate this? Their level of proactivity, influence, clout, urgency, desire, focus, commitment?

The levels of post-sign-up planning? Delivery resource scheduling, implementation phasing or stated legacy ambitions?

How the project jostles among other contemporary business priorities.

Movements or results from adjacent or distant operations upon which our hopes are dependent.

Our ability to demonstrably provide what we promise we’ll unleash.

A chance to go tomographic for you this month without the pain of emptying your bag?

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