Declutter Video Call Untidiness

What irritates you every day? Fix that first.

One of ‘nineteen tricks’ I recently scrolled through from a London paper’s queen of living space bliss, presently renovating an old house in Languedoc.

The idea behind this particular tip is to take action now. Which is focused. One that might only take five minutes to bring remedy. Yet will make an immeasurable difference to your daily surrounds.

I couldn’t help but think of the stark resemblance to video meeting experience in our workplace.

Whether selling – externally or internally – or attending any slot virtually where you and your ambitions hope to shine, there is likely some occurrence that crops up with unwelcome frequency. Jarring each time. Gnawing away at you. And sapping energy from the intended push to achieve something.

There’s plenty of generalised candidates.

Purposeless beginnings, meandering discussions, key knowledge holder absentees, parallel working, blurry outcomes.

Lacklustre graphics, mic hogs, never-contributing attendees, monotony reigns, innovation stifled.

Tech glitch, gloomy galleries, infinite loops seem to afflict certain never-ending items, soporific delivery, no preparation.

Quite the list of aggravations. With plenty more out there. And many which can be fatal to your plans.

So now’s the time to sort them out. As video calling moves into its endemic phase.

Not every B2B meeting will now stay done over video. But there are many or specific types that are already being recognised as better suited to being virtual.

Several of which apply to our solution sales arena.

Pick your exasperation.

Fix it.

And let it not irritate you further.

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