Indecision is not just a sales-killer. It keeps so many an endeavour from reaching its potential. Would-be buyers hamstrung by their colleagues making the often political call to maintain the status quo.

Whilst not all sales pitches naturally deserve green-lighting, there is a significant category where the potential procurers directly affected are perilously prevented from progress.

One most hated circumstance is the interminable delay.

To do nothing is never to merely stand still. Sadly this is ignored by those who – maybe through The Peter Principle, maybe through bloody-mindedness – stand in the way of a ‘yes’. Where’s adherence to such like The Luxembourg Compromise when you need it?

To stay where you are is to inevitably go backwards. With an ever accelerating speed of decline.

A stalled sale is rarely down to disputed economics of a bid. It’s more where the hard, cold, factual evidence of data are replaced by the vagaries of emotional machinations.

What to do when you and – more importantly – your prospect-side proponents are dealt the deathly deferral?

One angle is to attack not the reasons for delay, but the delay itself.

Being held back is to be shackled.

The wait is causing pain. A condition that unchecked, will worsen by the day.

So why not try an adult conversation about making a decision? The decision. Not indecision.

Someone must now get off any fence. Remove the splinters. Decide.

And it is this very word you can use as your vehicle to travel.

Your prevaricating ponderers will no doubt know what the following terms evoke; genocide, germicide, herbicide, homicide, insecticide, matricide, patricide, suicide.

All linked by the suffix; –cide.

From the Latin, it’s meaning in Ancient Rome was basically to kill.

An English word with this ending signifies that you refer to ‘a killer of’ what goes before. An action to ‘cut’. So to ‘decide’ is from words that at its root mean you ‘cut off’ something.

Your hindering prospect person has it in their power to cut the debilitating drag off at source.

This may well be a highly undesirable state of affairs. What is it that is being prevented from happening?

How much is it costing? Who is it piling pressure onto? Who is benefitting that you cannot afford to see profit?

It is time to pick a cide.

Cut down the procrastination. Slay the obstructing hold-up. And let the killing free up getting on with the winning.

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