Go No Go & The Bouba Kiki Effect

These are my representations of the widely available shapes used to signify sounds.

[I used standard Powerpoint seven-pointed star and cloud ‘shapes’, then used the ‘edit shape’ function under ‘format’ to get close enough to the originals, with associated traffic-lighting of colours added.]

If this concept is new to you, they suggest that human languages share how they make sounds from perceptions.

On the right; bouba. Left; kiki.

One splodgey, the other spikey.

To précis the coffee-break article that made me think on this which makes the link to movie characters; the more lovable something is, the more soft and round they are – whereas those things considered villainous have pointy and sharp features, as our brains perceive these as threatening.

It struck me this can correspond nicely with how we sell.

Problems are hazardous. Solutions, glorious. The former, sticky. The latter, cuddly.

Not only that, but how about when someone runs through a list of functions, features, or specs? Some not so desirable. Others, definitely desired.

Rather than go with the tired old ‘Go’, ‘No Go’ styling of traditional ✓ & ✗, how about making your approach more memorable? With bouba and kiki.

Imagine a forum where, instead of saying ‘good’ or ‘bad’, ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and any of the usual similarities, your co-participants utter bouba or kiki.

On a video call, you could even have ready-made meeting cards on hand.

Revel in being distinct from your competition.

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