Deep Impact Ideogram Pitching


Let’s deal with the obvious “twin film” fact first. Armageddon is better.

Disaster movies. Lucky that forty years back Irwin Allen raised their game?

So I rewatched Deep Impact. Bruce had his asteroid, Téa her comet. Ellie. Well, E_L_E, in 90s internet-speak. Extinction Level Event.

We’re treated to a host of Netscape era visuals.

Yet one apparent innovation caught my Sales eye.

An A-bomb is set to be sent to shatter the danger. Up top you can see the moment the code is punched in which arms the nuke.

A ‘4’ and a ‘B’ and a quartet of pictograms.

They seem to emanate from the keyboard below;


I say ‘pictogram’, yet purists may baulk at my interchangeable terming. There are nuances.

Glimpse these via this;

Have you heard the one about the pictogram, the ideogram, the icon and the logo?
They all appeared on a sign together and everybody was lost, insulted and confused!

For selling purposes, a symbol can be a powerful tool.

One that uniquely represents what you’re about. What your prospect wishes to escape. Where they aim to go. How they hope to travel.

A single slide with a simple shaping.

If only it were as easy to create on a bid as the examples above look. But persevere and the desired result could well be explosive.

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