Deploy Deadly Owl Strike On Deal Dissent

Comedian Rob Newman coined a delicious concept. In his Entirely Accurate Encyclopedia Of Evolution he discussed the genetic belief behind girls predisposed to pink, and boys blue.

Stemming from one piece of research which attributes the need for caveman to recognise blue sky as ideal hunting conditions, and their womenfolk having to spot edible light red berries buried in bushes.

He rubbishes this.

To make his point, he suggests using an Owl Strike;

One Word Logic.

Come up with a single word that utterly shatters your opponent’s theory.

In the above case; blueberries.

I instantly took to this idea.

It has terrific application in our live labs.

It needn’t be outright humorous. After all, the perils of playful punchlines when pitching are legion. Yet a punch it must pack.

What word is most likely to make a prospect sit up and listen? Jolt them to take note that an alternative is not viable. Turn them to realise they now must move towards your thinking.

Your task is simple. Identify an owl strike for your own proposal.

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