14 Things Customers Do Not Have To Do Before Breakfast

davosweftweet 14beforebreakfast

Much mirth at the expense of Davos this week. Those that run their elitist World Economic Forum talking shop tweeted this promo.

It was roundly derided by the web. From jokesters thinking up an extra number fifteen, to those suggesting there was a typo. Meaning the title should have really read ’14 things most people do during a week’.

I especially have never understood the preaching that winners bound out of bed when it’s still dark. I am definitely more the night owl. The early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse eats the cheese.

Still, this current hot meme can be fruitfully channelled in a sales situation.

Show this tweet and await the howls.

Then suggest what any new client of yours happily no longer does as a result of buying form you.

How about this for Number One?

They do not have to worry…

There must be plenty of chores, difficulties, tasks, threats, time-thieves, constrictions and doubts that can be consigned to history once on-board, right?

List them out and share with your prospect.

See which strike a chord.

Do for yourself. Or if you’re a sales manager it could be a cheeky mini-session to break-up and add to your next internal team meeting.

Perhaps one convened for breakfast.

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