A Supermarket Trick For Your Quotes

yellowtags supermktredwines

A friend mentioned to me that they were a sucker for the yellow price tags on supermarket shelves.

They forever feel drawn to the products they sell.

So I checked this out. As you can see in my above pic (of a red wine section – and a further one taken of the real ale fridge below) these yellowies now abound. (It was the middle of a weekday which is why I took pics on the deserted drinks aisle, as the food ones were too busy, in case you were worried for my liver…)

I can see how easily the eye is drawn to them. Each one has some kind of offer. Multi-buy discounts, half-prices and straight cash off. Here’s a couple of close-ups;

yellowtags closeup1


yellowtags closeup2

It wasn’t always this way, surely?

I do find myself quite often with salespeople trying to get their quotes to look less intimidating. All too frequently “price” is presented in a format that is basically the same as an invoice.

I’m not a fan of that.

So, next time you craft a page of prices, why not take a leaf out of the world’s biggest retailers pricebook, and pop the odd can’t-miss-bargain yellow tag around your otherwise black-on-white page…

yellowtags supermktbeers


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