Different Colour Shades

For a couple of hours the other day I learned about agri-business planning. The first time I touched this industry was during a couple of years in the early 90s, with exposure to the logistics and sales operations of various meat and dairy producers. The next was to be on a project I completed this year, should you also consider Scottish distilleries to be of that ilk.

On this particular day, the issue concerned how to further take up of expansion business plans seeking outside funds.

During the discussion on barriers, incorporating the things that spring up to cause delay, one comment confirmed existence of a classic solution sale constraint;

“everyone has their own colour shades on”

Whilst info flies back and forth several times during the plan’s creation, the team I talked with concluded that chances of success are immeasurably improved when you truly know what the money men want.

Acknowledgment of this isn’t news I’m sure to most solution sellers. Yet not resting until you are beyond doubt that you know each buyer’s personal colour of sunnies is perhaps something that can on occasion slip.

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