Tap Into Happiness

So according to a Welsh psychologist, 19 June was the one day of the year when we should have all been at our happiest.  Did you feel the vibe?  I asked my chief developer in Cape Town this very question on the day itself and he wondered whether in fact it was destined to be his unhappiest day of the year – his worry was that being in the Southern Hemisphere could mean the opposite!

Anyhow, the aforementioned doctor’s less remarkable conclusions were that you get miserable millionaires because they have no friends, and paupers can inhabit boundless joy on account of their amazing friendships.

Delving into ‘happiness’ I surfed across a fascinating BBC microsite that led me to a Dr Seligman, who proposes that happiness relies on 24 factors.

Wouldn’t be interesting to see if encouraging your prospects to associate these with you during their buying cycle creates more success?

These two-dozen “signature strengths” can apparently be categorised five ways:

  1. Wisdom
  2. Courage
  3. Humanity/Love
  4. Temperance
  5. Transcendence

How these align to a buying process is an entertaining quiz.

Wisdom can involve satisfying their inner drive for curiosity, improving their intelligence, being seen as open-minded and feeling ingenious.

Courage amounts to valour of course, and how often is bravery really needed by buyers to affect change?  Persistence is part of this.

The next pair may be trickier to assign, but leadership counts under Humanity and modesty under Temperance.

Then finally, under Transcendence are a raft of qualities that buyers benefit from feeling; hope, optimism, future-mindedness, zest, passion and enthusiasm.

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