Digital Renaissance Dawn

Despite being almost four years (yikes) since perhaps most white-collar workers first met over video, a sizeable rump appears to demand that we now conduct affairs as if what then transpired virtually ought never re-occur.

I read with interest the experience of an exec in financial services, who appears to have held Sales responsibility, as the mass migration to video meetings took hold [sub'n req'd].

Even a couple years back about video sales calls, I was asking Sales leaders whether they thought the genie was getting popped back in the bottle. A sentiment roundly built on with her belief there is no going back.

"For many, work was an activity, not a place."

Reasons given include that the leaders of tomorrow totally get this, presenteeism alongside the need to be permanently in an office no longer hold, with information, data and decisions now decentralised if not democratised.

In short, "we have to look forwards", so get ready;

"We are just at the beginning of the digital renaissance".

A couple of genuine learnings brushing Remote best-practice are disclosed.

One that shouldn't be forgotten is that in-person attendance can still take place. Just not necessarily in the volume or frequency, template or behest as in days gone by.

Energise the egalitarian aspects of a virtual meeting. Even noting how traditional ɪʀʟ seating positions need not subconsciously affect video proceedings. Encourage Raise Hand, 'chat' panelling, and contributions generally.

Create a meeting framework for deliberate connection with those outside the normal 'team'.

Work on the effort that pays off for a winning video call. (And for which types of dialogue.)

She used a kind of 'bulletproofing' format for end-of-day/week catch-ups.

And here's contact I've seen transferable to hybrid, async collab;

"There was a big whiteboard in all the offices as well, and everyone was encouraged to write updates as they passed through. Communication was key. It took more planning, but I am convinced there was more, not less, collaboration than when everyone worked full-time cheek by jowl."

Her post-lockdown overall belief appears vindicated;

"As we emerged from the pandemic I was optimistic we could develop a hybrid model capturing the best of both worlds that worked for both companies and employees – and was sustainable."

Let's not forget our specific Sales slant. We may well be all-office, yet our prospects might not. Do we know what best works for them, and puts us in most preferential light? With productivity gains anyway only coming from the most effective mix of all comms options, each touch suited to the conversation.

There's also entertaining tease of what should be on everyone in our arena's agenda; 'maximise techniques to optimise virtual meetings'.

How you stacking up on this?

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