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It couldn't escape my notice that, for the third year running, prediction pieces on what the next twelve months would bring the office domain usually included a familiar refrain. The formalised seat at the C-suite summit for someone charged with forging our post-lockdown ways.

Most typical of job titles suggested were the pair; Chief Hybrid Officer or Head of Remote Work.

Plenty of other labels abound. Including all manner of CxOs, incorporating such as; Remote, Comms and even Happiness.

Esoteric options grow; Head of Dynamic Work, Workplace Environment Architect, and (via ꜰᴍᴄɢ colossus Unilever no less) VP of Future of Work.

Indeed, my own prospecting recently came across a job title featuring the phrase Modern Work, but sadly may have featured a touch of snake oil, so we might be right to be wary.

Then there's the sub-responsibilities. Established roles expanding their fiefdom. Now adding in whatever the 'new' areas are within remits of other CxOs, like; People, Information, or Innovation. Even an Engagement Director from the office of the Chief Exec, or reporting to a broader HR brief, or a Chief of Staff themselves.

There's issues for us sellers with both approaches.

The higher the perch the less requisite, tailored, quota-busting attention our needs receive.

And also don't wait for someone else to ride to your rescue. As when actions are invariably delegated you'll end up no better off, and actually worse off. You probably know already tales from the infamous reach of the Unified Comms person mandating your video environment. Where outcomes always prove disastrous to the target-owner.

In which case, what are your Sales Ops, RevOps or Sales Enablement support up to?

A winning, evolving, sustainable, repeatable focus brings together video calling and engagement streams in general, to dovetail with productivity uplift overall. To keep the genuine needs of Sales at its heart is essential.

A further obstacle can crop up which mirrors the descent seen this century where Sales Support swamps itself with sales reporting monitoring and development.

Specifically separate your drive towards more 'dynamic' selling from that and you stand a chance. Tip balance from controls compliance to process progress.

Otherwise, the same tired prophesies will return next year and we'll be no nearer furthering what makes us more likely to prevail.

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