Disaster Opportunity

Disaster Capitalism is a phrase from just prior the last global economic crash. Suggesting that the dark and shady ‘illuminati’ style forces that profit from keeping their elite at the helm of the system, as the phrase goes, “never let a crisis go to waste”.

When the GFC struck, the very fact that the progenitors of that deep recession – the banksters – not only emerged unscathed, but actually stronger, gives proof perhaps of a rigged system rewarding criminality. Shape-shifting purple reptiles or not.

Move on a decade and now we have Disaster Socialism.

In similar fashion, those not so much as leaning, but pouring concrete as far round the corner as possible, Left, see 2020’s crisis as a way to pursue their vile, divisive and anti-humanity agenda. The very opposite of their doublespeak label of ‘progressive’.

They even mock those at the foundation of our society. Hardworking, often entry-level people keen to learn and prosper (one of countless examples being the current takeaway chief exec looking now to pivot who started in the industry aged seventeen) who are the backbone of the vast service economy. Whose jobs are being decimated from coffee shops, whether independent or chain owned.

In both senses, such Disasterising feels bad.

How about we try and reclaim some positive ground?

What would Disaster Sales be like?

Coronavirus has undoubtedly thrown up challenges aplenty for solution selling.

Should coronaselling become a thing?

We may well have no choice.

Will any aspect of our business go untouched?

There will be change. Coupled with turbo acceleration of shifts of the 2010s already revving up in low gear.

The most obvious in the public psyche seems video calling.

Around for the whole century yet neglected.

Now set to be the communication cornerstone of our new pitch normal.

I note this referred to as B2B – F2F.

How do you intend to do business without any ‘face-to-face’ contact?

If you think that just conducting phone calls or meetings over Zoom or whatever app is enough, please, you must think again.

I’ve been involved – both on the edges and in the storm’s eye – of ‘digital transformation’ pushes. One thing I know is that such transformation fails when all it tries to do is merely replace the analogue ways with a new fangled digital one.

Successfully ‘transforming’ means totally new methods, process and mindsets. Not the mere ‘upgrade’ of old to new. More the complete switch from travelling one path to another.

Video sales calls are no different.

They are distinctly not phone calls with a talking head visual.

Do you know this yet..?

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