Do Better Than Burberry Trainer Shop Assistant

Business analysts seem perplexed as to why UK sportshoe sales have increased ten percent this year.

Average “pairs per closet” have risen. People are stocking up with different types.

Lightweight, walking, cross/trail, specific sport and fashion. Wardrobes across the land bulge to a rabbiting of breed.

Ballooning new entrants excitedly chase a slice of the pumping market, taking aim at the 30% leading share of Nike.

The high-end houses are getting in on the act too. Chanel have an eight hundred quid pair.

Then I heard from a Burberry store. They boast a leather chock and mesh style. Yours for a snip; £395.

“Let me put these back in the box for you. 

How do you want to pay, cash or card?”

Such enthusiasm.

Yet this ‘close’ so can be improved.

Substituting out the word ‘pay’ for ‘buy’ being one simple starter.

Yet this retail example has its clear mirror in our solution world.

“Let’s do business!”

One of my favourite sales memories. Said to me with outstretched hand by a beaming sales leader to signal he was buying from me. They close themselves, hey.

How does your clinch run?

Natural and flowing and from your partner’s slant, or stilted and desperate with your angle paramount?

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