Do Political Heavyweights Know The Best Keynote Timeslot?

Party conference season is a soporific month of rolling news for those not engaged in the UK political scene.

It ended this week. The final act being the Prime Ministerial address at his party’s shindig.

According to the major tabloid The Sun’s managing editor, Stig Abell, the delegates exhibit a downbeat feel. They apparently feel handcuffed that their left wing opponents have an inbuilt advantage the way the electoral boundaries remain stubbornly drawn and can stymie their lust for power with just 35% of the national vote.

The prospect of many more years back in the frustrating wilderness after the 2015 poll as the Opposition then spends money the country does not have on issues that you should never just throw money at with gay abandon and hands over final say-so on anything and everything to the unmerited of Brussels looms large, so it seems.

They are in desperate need of an injection of hope from their leader.

His big speech to the faithful was timed for 11am.

This got me thinking. I was in an office thousands of miles away from Blighty when last week’s turn was similarly on. And it was around the same timing.

I checked up on itineraries, and it seems all the big guns do their thing in the last slot of the morning, immediately before lunch.

In addition, can it be coincidence that the democratic showpiece that should be the envy of the world – PMQs, or Prime Minister’s Questions – takes place for half-an-hour each Wednesday from noon?

The message from the elected elite is clear.

You have a keynote, make it just prior to lunch.


I did wonder as to how this came about.

Is it a “proven” time at which mankind is at their most alert?

Have all other options been tried, with post-lunch universally outlawed as the “graveyard” slot, and any later renowned as losing attention due to homeward bound clock watchers, and any earlier in the morning the juices simply haven’t got going?

In whichever case, if it’s the policy of those in power, maybe it should be ours in the Sales furnace too?

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