Do They Want A Porsche For The Price Of A Beetle

I enjoyed bumping into a couple of home improvement product sellers in a curated space for their wares intended to provide specifiers with ideas. Somewhere like an unmanned or latest products exhibition showroom.

Surrounded by warehouses with all manner of swanky kit, they were not dressed as the commodity offerers.

So I asked how you manage to sell premium products when everyone wants to pay less.

The person selling high-end kitchen architecture winced a little.

I learn it is now the norm for buyers to show Hollywood style pinterest screens and demand you get them the same photoshoot glamour for next-to-nothing. Ouch.

The other present, wisely empathised; “they want a Porsche for the price of a Beetle”.

I was instantly reminded of an advert I blogged on almost five years back; ‘we’re selling gold for the price of silver’.

Naturally, I asked how you temper this luxury expectation for the price-tag of an everyday item.

Their answer was to swap specs. They major on the top products, but also have in their backpockets middle- and lower-end options.

I wasn’t so sure this was a runner. Yet apparently you can sell the items that are ‘out-of-sight’ at the entry-level, then those on show at the highers.

This tactic may not sound applicable to general solution selling. But swapping around ranges can have a place. Your decision is whether it transcends the kitchen and can apply to your domain.

And finishing with the original car analogy, if you’ve never talked to a prospect about their runabout, and their reasons behind the choice, then maybe you’re missing quite the trick…

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