Do Your Prospects Prefer To Stay Young Or Age Well?

Have you asked them?

There’s only ever one true answer;

Stay Young.

How do I know this?

Well, first off there’s Prospect Theory. One of my all-time faves. Hardly anyone likes the thought of ageing, so to keep youthful in the eyes of others is the only way to go.

Then there’s the remarkable bias against elderly ladies in my homeland media. Highlighted again after a recent Woman’s Hour radio show. Yes.

65-year old presenter Jenni Murray seemed to rebuke 71-year old Angela Rippon for how come her new show was called How To Stay Young over How To Age Well. Surely her choice is ageist? The senior broadcaster stuck to her guns. She knew which title sells.

And so it is exactly the same with framing our prospect’s buying project.

To adopt the twitted language of fairy tales; Milk and Honey meh, Sodom and Gomorrah yeah.

Show how you stave off the horror before getting involved in the necking of amber nectar.


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