Dodge The Competence Drag

Can you implement?

What proves you will deliver what you promise?

And perhaps just as pertinently, is there a trail of evidence that suggests any alternative to what you propose is likely to suffer from being begun and managed badly? With time and cost overruns and all manner of distractions to anything else meant to be done down the line?

Political pollsters term this latter effect, “the competence drag”.

For sure, every colour of candidate must face the blight of previously exhibited policy failure of their tribe. Yet some are less deflected by it than others. Solution sellers may well also share similar unwanted focus. There isn’t a single firm that can boast a one hundred percent user experience hit rate. So many factors beyond any suppliers control. Yet there can be an undeniable pattern of success.

There’s another flavour of this, whereby opponents will scathingly denounce each other as “liars”. It saddens me that civic discourse falls so low. Also there’s universally a counter from their own side’s dark past. The “lies” so often put forward indisputably so, are seldom willfully mendacious. They tend to be future policy statements which are the same as any forecast. Invariably doomed.

I recall being asked by wary buyers questions such as, ‘why would this not work?’ Be ready for these.

There’s also a powerful Prop page I like to deploy; Risk Mitigation.

Are you piling on the proof that there’s no drag on your competence?

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