Is Your Over-Quantifying Prospect Problemlogging?

Big data, bigger worries?

The rising flood of lifelogging capabilities seem to have plateaued.

Perhaps, like one pre-2.0 pioneer, you feel technology’s march now makes such recordings redundant.

Maybe you’ve simply learned to filter out the myriad input fields available and rather laser-in on just a key metric or two.

Or (possibly tellingly as gains headlines at time of blogging here), you ride the wellbeing backlash against seemingly falling ‘behind’ on so many measures to prevent its worrying mental health toll.

It is this ‘over-quantifying’ which digital sages are focused on as 2019 fades.

There is an old political menace that enemies buyer-side like to uncage. Give someone enough data and they’ll drown. Analysis paralysis freezes their manoeuvres. The devil truly is in the detail. Tails are chased into exhaustion.

This tactic is one well worth preparing to blunt. In similar fashion to over-quantifying your own numbers, whether they be calories, steps, weight, weights or even zzzs, is there a shrunk-down single figure that is the real insight into how you’re feeling?

In the prospect context, there is never a decision made solely on “the numbers”. Each purchase is 100% an emotional decision. So why not propose stripping away all but the essential number? Boil down their emotion to one sole, standalone and stand-out amount.

And if someone gives you spreadsheets that seemingly have infinite columns and rows, then have your handle ready; too much data always means no decision ever gets made, no issue ever addressed and no progress ever flows. Now, where is that simple killer figure…

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