Don't Create If You Can Rather Crystallise

Another steer from the electioneer.

Reflecting on the belief that negative campaigning was yet again the number one choice in the UK vote for campaigners just prior the pandemic. As it was for the previous most recent pair.

An interesting nuance of it comes up in post-poll analysis.

Fear truly works only when you crystallise rather than create it

Candidates seek Mobilisers. In our solution selling terms, these are issues that get people out and mark ‘x’.

To most effectively frame them, it seems that it is a blend of hope and fear that wins. Or light and shade, as I heard it put.

For instance, Left adviser Philip Gould believes you must play on insecurities without going full-blown negative.

I myself never negative campaign on a sale.

To the point of driving my prospect potty because they were dying to talk to me about competitors. . . but it’s more about nailing the need and putting forward the ideal solution.

I also think of Prospect Theory though. And the human tendency to talk yourself out of carrying on with a good thing.

Then there’s Crossing The Chasm. You can’t sell to an early adopter with how a visionary bought.

And you’re only interested if no-one ever got sacked for buying IBM, if you cling on to a job-for-life at your huge monster corporation.

Students of selling do debate which is preferable; to create the need afresh or try sate one already acknowledged.

Creating a need from afresh is notoriously tricky.

Yet when is a problem not really a problem?

Perhaps this thinking also invokes the dreaded nice-to-have apathy compared to any must-have bite-your-arm-off sales stratosphere.

In one sense, to ‘crystallise’ is to cover that potentially large middle ground.

You resolve some type of issue.

Ensure it’s one that is already recognisable by the prospect. However faintly.

How can you enlarge the size or impact of it?

Check that the prospect’s view matches yours?

And offer a hope that ties in ambition?

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