World's Richest Inventiveness Tub-Thump

Keep inventing, and don’t despair when at first the idea looks crazy. Remember to wander. Let curiosity be your compass. It remains Day 1.


Easy to say when you’re worth so many billions.

(See his office of 1999, & early thoughts on desks too.)

The wealth of Cresus leaves no-one unaltered.

The citation up-top is the last paragraph of the widely reported Amazon succession all-staff missive.

Founder Bezos due to depart for ‘other passions’.

The theme of invention was core throughout this announcement.

The ability to constantly think up (and enact) new ideas central to the company’s uniquely stellar growth. Past, present and future.

Regardless of your views on one of the currently jockeying holders of title, ‘world’s richest person’, there is something in this pillar for the B2B seller.

Eye-rolls aplenty accompany such instruction in the salesroom.

Salespeople with a target being told how to think – and especially about items beyond the realm of current pipelines – by those that have never held such a quota themselves tends to fall on deaf ears.

Yet an indisputable fact remains.

To be truly successful, with period upon period of sustainable, repeatable results, a salesperson must be in constant re-invention mode.

You need only think on the average 7-yearly cycle of downturns, each decade’s significant technological leap or even the less frequent yet recurring presence of a global pandemic to realise how sellers must regularly adapt.

And that’s before you leave the ‘macro’ and get to the ‘micro’ shifts. Such as the annual occurrence of competitive, client or sector landscape irrevocably moved.

The localised seism of the ‘new’; entrants, products, management, restructure, acquisition.

You might be re-inventing all the time anyway, and just not realise it.

If so, then it’s best to become self-aware on such front.

How many people are saying your ideas are crazy?

Are you discussing new actions with prospects?

When was the last time you added one to your tried and trusted process? An addition to your patterns that when in play, ensure you win?

Are you thinking these up ahead of time, daily, weekly, monthly? Or only when you hit a barrier?

How can you gauge the curiosity of prospects? Or even if their compass is driven in part by other forces?

And for us too, every day is a ‘Day 1’. Renewal a permanent fixture of deal closing enforced funnel replenishment.

‘Keep inventing’, indeed…

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