Protect Your Edges

Who is trying to shave, blunt or chop off your edges?

The above cartoon portrays a metaphor familiar to many a successful solution seller.

It can particularly stymie a freshly launched product.

Functions which you and its developers feel game-changing go completely unrecognised as such by the target market.

Their shrugs of ‘meh’ puncture your enthusiasm. From which it can be difficult to recover.

There’s a trio of pointers from this imagery worth bearing in mind.

First, are your newly added extra bells and whistles truly must-haves of their intended buyers and solvers of their knottiest of present problems?

Second, are you aware of where you might have to fit in with and among other similar-size Tetris single-blocks of supply?

And third, why are you talking to the grey guy at all..?

You have an edge from somewhere. Let it work its magic in the spot where it’d be most welcome.

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