Don't Go The Way Of The Tank

Are we witnessing the end of tank warfare?

The dogged Ukrainians are stopping the Russian invaders in their tracks. Literally. Tanks stranded. Their movement stalled. Many destroyed as sitting ducks.

Much comment from those in the know wonder whether this is the moment signifying we are passed Peak Tank. In similar fashion to post-1918, from when trenches no longer being the prime formation of battle.

A multitude of factors combine to render the once heralded invention of 'landships' as so championed by Churchill now obsolete.

Their struggle to operate in the muddiest of wintry terrain meaning they are easily seen on the roads north of Kyiv.

Their vulnerability to modern-day weaponry which can be launched from afar. Especially the game-changing 'loitering munitions'. Which once fired, can fly around searching largely undetected for their target.

The remarkable cost differential between a fatal shell and once gleaming vehicle; $100k to $10m. Maths making their usage tricky to justify.

Not only the cost, but the technological power of such missiles. President Zelensky apparently sang down the line to British PM Johnson. To the tune of The Beatles classic ♫ ♫ all you need is N-Love ♩ ♪. In reference to the local pronunciation of the cutting edge British supplied N-LAW anti-tank smart-missile from which there is little chance of escape.

The fact that to provide a charade of protection, 'cope cages' are being hastily applied in-field onto turrets. With practically zero chance of saving those poor souls inside under Putin's deranged orders.

Their lack of suitability to an urban engagement where motivated insurgency constantly out-manoeuvres them.

The ease with which their path can be obstructed. Either by the wreckage of those at the head of the convoy, or by the beauty of those steely Czech Hedgehogs blocking their route.

Here's the summary of a London broadsheet writer;

"the model of building an army around a large Main Battle Tank (MBT) with a big gun on top, which has dominated defence planning since World War II, looks increasingly outdated".

Adding that "tanks form a dwindling part of British strategy". Other countries too now believe they are "operationally unsuitable".

A former military man from this arena suggests that;

“We’re unlikely to see massive tank on tank encounters again.
And the tank of the future will not be the tank as we know it."

You can't help but think that there is a metaphorical tank in our midst.

A method of selling also too cumbersome and expensive to be worthwhile anymore.

There remain aspects of old school selling which hold immutable results.

But what is Tank, and what is post-Tank?

The phone? Cold calling? In-person meetings? Slidedecks? CEO pitching? Digital selling? Robo-reps? Video calls? Longform pdf Proposals? Messaging channel dialogue?

That's just a sample ten for starters.

Yes, ML & AI are coming to our space.

Video as a fourth method of comms is already here.

Way too few are embracing either step forward properly. In a manner that improves productivity as well as buyer results.

It feels time to be less Tank.

What ideas come to your mind?

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