Calling Momentum

After winning nine on the bounce to re-ignite a rivalry for the ages and a title race run-in the envy of world football against genius Pep Guardiola over at Manchester City, Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp was asked if his side's seemingly superior momentum right now could ultimately prove the difference.

His stance was instantly dismissive;

“Momentum is the most fragile flower on the planet.
Someone steps on it and then it’s gone.
I’m not a big friend of momentum.
Just find a way to get through it.”

The German's prose could almost be the lyrics of a bridge in a hit song.

I was also struck by how this is the other side of the coin. The one seldom appreciated, considered or mitigated for by salesteams.

We solution sellers tend to value momentum.

Think of actively seeking to cultivate, grow and cherish The Big Mo.

Let assess this. Because 'heads' is indeed a positive state to be in. If the momentum is genuinely one which secures your fit as the most snug, cements the urgency as dovetailing with your timetabling, and fastens the key players tight with your unique approach, then all well and good. Mostly.

But then there's 'tails'. When you are susceptible to a showstopper. You can be holed below the waterline. You've left the smallest of gaps in an overlooked flank where opposition forces can sneak in and get behind you.

Klopp is right. To an extent.

You can never win every deal.

Yet when you follow your established process - that pattern of events, actions, dialogues - that when in train pretty much guarantees you prevail, losses will be minimised, to your huge reward.

Momentum as a benefit I do not sense is the same 50-50 call as heads or tails.

But what his outlook may helpfully prompt, is the back-up plan. The protective, heading-off, blunting set-ups.

What are we doing to ensure our momentum is not trodden on?

Belief in the process emerges as critical, yes.

Alongside a bunch of measures which protect your fragility when out in front.

You likely know where such vulnerability resides.

How are you shoring up your flower and letting it truly blossom?

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