Drama Door Sales Desk Space Lesson

A festive reminder to examine where you work.

No, not necessarily at the firm, colleagues or politics.

Look around.

At your immediate desk space.

What adorns your cubicle separaters, homeoffice walls, office dividers?

Up top, here’s a door I saw this year in a school.

It was in a block housing gym and other creative areas.

In this specific instance, the door led to the Drama classroom.

So perhaps what was stuck onto it served as an ‘inspiration wall’ as much as anything.

What the students felt culturally bound them, gave them ideas and where they aspired to reach.

I get that you might shy away from plastering a door near you in similar fashion.

Although a blue chip office I was in recently had a series of rooms in a row along one side, principally for on-the-spot meetings. The doors were abnormally tall. Now I see the wasted area above where a shoulder may push as a big opportunity to personalise. Nab that eyeline real estate.

But I’m not so much thinking of doors, as what you can control within your own desk surrounds.

Become a meezer. Don’t worry about how your own kind of mood-board or dream-board might look to others. They’re not making your quota for you.

Print off great slides from a winning deal, charts that have sold, quotes from delighted prospects, process reminders, scribble up your favourite questions to uncover true problems.

The list of great options feels unlimited.

Time for a Christmas clear-up and a New Year renewal…?

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