How Could Your Product's Google Knowledge Panel Look?

One for an internal workshop session, or to let your sales support resource go wild with perhaps.

Since 2012 I believe, Google have offered up what they call a “knowledge panel”.

Primarily for businesses or branded personae, someone types in your name and the panel duly appears in “prominent” position.

“Knowledge Panels are powered by information in the Knowledge Graph”.

They follow a familiar format.

Images at the top (often including a location map thumbnail), wikipedia page intro text below, then industry style codes or old school phone directory style listings, before social media profiles and finally “people also search for” with icons presented.

Retail outlets have busy times, opening hours, and popularity scores too.

You could ask your keen thinkers to create their own, ‘fictitious’ version. If your latest launched product could have such a panel, what could it display?

I’d be interested in how readily your brains-trust could jettison their own viewpoints and flip their thoughts to show data from your prospect’s side of the table.

All of the info they propose can be found within the confines of a conference setting. Even a winning pic. And with a bit of luck, you’ll both identify what eventual clients truly value and steer your sales efforts towards isolating the very same.

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