Can Your Checkout Sell Snare One In Two


Anyone who’s ever bought reading matter at an English railway station WHSmith shop will know what I’m talking about.

You’re at the till, and regardless of what you want to pay for, the server asks, “and would you like this extra-large Toblerone for just a pound?”

In fact, retail point-of-sale add-ons are something I’ve blogged on before (at Sports Direct & Maplins electronics – even Hamley’s try it with toys). There can be lessons for b2b selling hidden within.

This time, small item of kitchen gadgetry required, I found myself in high street store Robert Dyas.

At the till the chirpy lady asked if I’d also want a couple of items which were duly stacked against her screen.

Fat balls food for garden-visiting birds or washing-up sponges.

Both packs costing “only” a pound.

The glamour never stops.

Chuckling away, I tormented her that no-one could ever possibly say “yes”. Her reply was startlingly assured.

“Every other person does”.

Surely not?

One-in-two people when prompted plump for those must-have half-dozen bird balls or that can’t-believe-I-forgot ten-pack of scouring sponges?

That’s quite incredible.

Then you do the maths.

These guys have almost a hundred stores across the country.

How many transactions is that a day?

Thousands upon thousands.

And if every other adds a pound on… well that’s quite an uplift.

As I’ve noted before, we solution sellers can carve similar opportunity at purchase time.

Whether it be adapting a PLOF, re-formatting your module-menu order sheet or fashioning that ‘current’ associated mini extra welcome-on-board offer upon signature.

Are you doing so?

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